With the introduction of technology, customers have started using digital devices for their various needs. Earlier, customers used to buy a product through a simple series of steps described in marketing terms as awareness, procurement, conversion and retention. However, with advent of digital technology, there has been an influx of devices like smartphones, tablets etc. which has changed the buying pattern of the customer. Digital analytics is a branch of marketing which analyses your and your competitors’ business data qualitatively and quantitatively. Experts at Senzec IT make use of these data to optimize your site in a way to enhance the experience of existing and potential customers; this in turn leads to increased revenue.

digital analytics

We at Senzec IT believe that the future of marketing is in the digital arena. Therefore, we have a team of dedicated individuals working to gather digital footprints of customer buying patterns which are then utilized to design targeted campaigns to enhance your business.We possess the desired skill set to process the data gathered through various portals to expand your business exponentially. We work in close association with clients to understand their business objectives and utilize it to design the data analysis and implementation strategies.


We at Senzec IT believe that data generated should be mined and utilized to improve your business proposition immensely. Major benefits of opting us are:

  • Effective engagement of customers for enhanced business outcomes.
  • Customer centric analytics for better marketing strategies.
  • Simple analytical cycle-measure, analyse, report and test used for other marketing activities.
  • We use the latest tool Universal Analytics by Google for digital analytics process.
  • Quantitative data such as surveys, user reviews and feedback used to comprehend user experience.

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