Smartphones have made the world smarter, smaller and quicker. A few clicks, swipes and your work is done. Most of us don’t even log on to computers for simple tasks such as checking emails, surfing social networking sites or shopping online. It all seems effortless. However, a lot of effort goes into making those websites which you use. The designing process of websites is different from those of mobile apps and is different for different platforms (iOS, Android, Windows etc.). Most clients want a mobile version of their website. It is lighter and can be easily loaded with equally beautiful resolution as in their normal website. This task is made easy with responsive designs.


Senzec IT has experts who are familiar with responsive design techniques. We excel in designing web/mobile solutions for your websites which work well no matter what the platform, phone brand screen sizeor phone orientation. Your website will function flawlessly irrespective of the user’s handset and your business will not be affected by the screen resolution of the client’s phone; ever.


Our experienced designers offer you unparalleled services for your business venture. The key advantages offered by us at Senzec IT are:

  • We use flexible grids, fluid layouts, media queries and scripts which automatically reformat web pages.
  • Advertisements (digital and print).
  • Web campaigns.
  • Editorial designs (magazines, newspapers, books etc).
  • Brochure and hoarding designs.


Senzec IT offers you advantages over its contemporaries:

  • Best team of writers, designers, consultants and marketing professionals.
  • Web designs that automatically adjust to accommodate resolution, image size and text with a switch of device.
  • Javascript, CSS and HTML script used to resize, hide or move content to fit on any screen.
  • We use W3.CSS to develop sites which work well on all devices (desktop, laptop, tablet or mobiles).

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